The short story: 

I am an emerging multimedia producer and experienced content writer with a professional background in public health and international development. With a passion for compelling storytelling that mobilizes empathy to create meaningful social change, I care deeply about multimedia rooted in themes of inclusion, intersectionality, and an embrace of diverse cultural backgrounds and identities. This work is more than a job for me: it is a lifestyle.

My current strengths are in digital communications strategy and social media outreach, and I am dedicated to building my portfolio in documentary narratives and promotional films for non-profit organizations.

This web portfolio is meant to provide a brief sample of my broad skillset. I'm currently seeking new opportunities for professional growth and collaboration. Interested in working together? I would love to hear from you. I split my time between Brooklyn, New York and Denver, Colorado (yes, I am one of those rare Colorado natives)! 


The feature length story: 

Years ago, while serving as a community health educator with the Peace Corps in Zambia, two members of my host family passed away within two weeks of one another. My beloved 80-something-year-old grandfather, who I affectionately called "Bashikulu" (meaning grandfather in the local language of iciBemba) passed relatively peacefully of causes related to his age. But two weeks later, I was in disbelief when my host sister came to my doorstep to notify me that my 25-year-old host brother had suddenly and unexpectedly died from HIV-related causes. As a privileged Westerner living in Zambia to provide on HIV prevention education, I was devastated. I dealt with my personal guilt about not being able to prevent my host brother’s death by writing about it. I poured my heart out on my personal blog.

A few weeks later, an acquaintance emailed me to say that she was moved by the stories I wrote. She asked whether there was anything she could do to get involved from Colorado and if I recommended any organizations for her donations. I didn’t know it at the time, but this moment was the first seed that eventually flourished into a passion for storytelling. Writing was initially a hobby as I pursued a career path in public health promotion, but I decided to take a professional U-turn into media after spearheading a grassroots social media campaign that addressed infant mortality disparities affecting Black and Latinx communities in Denver. This project inspired me to eventually earn a master’s degree in international media from The New School in New York City.

Over the course of my graduate degree program, I served in short-term digital media roles at organizations of all sizes, including Half the Sky/A Path Appears Movements, Doctors Without Borders, Feet in 2 Worlds, Americas Quarterly, and The New School’s Graduate Program in International Affairs. I also produced several short student films for graduate school courses and worked with a group of five peers to direct, edit, and produce an advocacy documentary about Maya women’s weaving cooperatives in Guatemala.

I'm currently a producer at NeeNee Productions and social media consultant for several clients. 

I'm also developing new personal film projects and look forward to sharing that work here soon. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to know a little bit about me! 

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